Way To Go


Welcome to Em’s Way To Go – in which I invite you to join me as I explore how to cope when injury compromises your exercise regime/goals.

I like keeping fit. I’m not a leading athlete but I hope to meet plenty of them in the near future to see how they’ve conquered something that goes beyond mere inconvenience.

I also intend to get plenty of professional coping tips!

Please, doctor, pretty please can I run? Yep, that's me - and I'm not even in plaster
Please, doctor, pretty please can I run? Yep, that’s me – and I’m not even in plaster

My story?

Off goes the smoke alarm – I jump on the arm of the sofa, swiping at said smoke alarm like it’s a piñata – anything to stop the eardrum-splitting screeching. Result? I fall off – crushing my foot underneath me.

I know something’s wrong – my running, guerrilla training and even most forms of yoga are about to be a serious no-no for the next few weeks. A conclusion subsequently verified by a doctor in A&E after an X-Ray. Fractured metatarsal.

I can practically feel my cellulite-ridden thighs bulging as I write this.

And those bingo wings of mine are as good as cleared for take-off.

Nobody told Coneygree injury would compromise his chances of success
Nobody told Coneygree injury would compromise his chances of success

So? Surely I’m not alone in all this? Right?

Last November, an eight-year-old gelding called Coneygree was pronounced lame by a racecourse vet at the Plumpton track after a two-year convalescence from injury.

His assistant trainer Sara Bradstock explained: “I said to (the vet), ‘It’s not just any horse that you’re f****** me about with here… ‘

“And do you know what he said to me? He said, ‘He’s had two years off, he’s not worth anything anyway’.”

Reader, allow me to introduce the winner of the 2015 Cheltenham Gold Cup.

Sara Bradstock didn’t give up – and neither did her horse.

I hope to be meeting plenty of human Coneygrees in this Blog – as they share their stories with me of how they overcame injury.

Meanwhile, if you have an injury recovery story – or any tips – then I’d love to hear from you!


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