Break it like Beckham

This guy’s a trend-setter – not least when it comes to fractures – so what can I learn from him?

England's World Cup changes were thrown into jeopardy
England’s World Cup chances were seemingly thrown into jeopardy

David Beckham broke his second metatarsal in action against Deportivo La Coruna in April 2002 – 51 days before the World Cup.

Before then the condition was more commonly known as “broken foot” in conversation – apparently the very word “metatarsal” wasn’t really used outside of medical circles. So Becks put this injury on the map!

England’s chances rested on his recovery – with Sun readers being invited to “bless” a life-sized picture of his foot (recognise that need for control again? I’m not the only one LOL)

Golden Balls: Beckham made a good recovery
Golden Balls: Beckham made a good recovery

The story even made headlines in Argentina and Sweden, two of England’s first group opponents.

The required recovery followed – with Beckham going on to score a winning penalty spot in the group stages in Japan.

How can I emulate this greatness? Good God the man’s so bloody perfect even his recovery is world class standard!

His other foot - "in plaster"
His other foot – “in plaster”

Now I’m certainly not expecting readers of the Sun to pray for my foot any time soon.

But one reason for Beckham’s speedy recovery is that the second metatarsal can mend more effectively due to the splint-like action of the bones either side of it.

Apparently the fifth one takes longer to heal, being on the outside of the foot.

Obviously this revelation during my research was hardly welcome – but then I can console myself that I’m not a world class footballer.

Check out this gear  (Photo: Getty Images)
Check out this gear!
(Photo: Getty Images)

But part of me wonders – despite the best endeavours of the NHS, I’m hardly going to be receiving the same level of medical attention and physiotherapy (not least because I can’t afford it!), so how is this going to impact on my recovery?

Wayne Rooney fractured the base of his fourth metatarsal before recovering in time for the 2006 World Cup.

So, like Beckham, he mended in time.

Apart the only thing I have in common with Beckham - a fractured left foot
About the only experience I have in common with Beckham – a fractured left foot

Maybe a deadline is the incentive?

Could that work for me too?

Now it’s just a question of finding one.

Watch this space!


5 thoughts on “Break it like Beckham

  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery so you are back running without tooooo much delay! You’re patience will definitely be tested though … bones will heal relatively quickly, but the soft tissue will remain grouchy for a while. The physio stage and rebuilding the strength in your foot will take a while! Good luck!!

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