Jonty’s Journey

Imagine a situation where injury or illness stopped you doing the one thing you really love not once – but twice.signal-1derers

Jonty Sargent, a station producer and sports presenter for Signal Radio, has been football-mad since childhood.

From the age of 12, he was side-lined by illness over a six-year period, but still had to sit and watch his friends play.

And an accident last summer meant Jonty was “off games” again.

Publicity pic: Is Jonty pondering over his future?
Publicity pic: Is Jonty pondering over his future?

He twisted the Anterior Cruciate Ligament of his right knee playing for his station’s team, the Signal 1derers.

Now 22, he admits: “It was my own fault really! In jumping over a tackle and switching my balance mid-air and landing extremely awkwardly on my right foot, which threw out my cruciate.

“The worst part was – I’m quite a joker on the pitch anyway, especially for Signal, it’s mainly to have a laugh with people and businesses across the area – and then I went down. Nobody believed me!”

Jonty with Stoke City's Peter Odemwingie - are they comparing injury notes?
Jonty with Stoke City’s Peter Odemwingie – are they comparing injury notes?

The injury was serious enough.

Jonty sustained it in August 2014 but is looking at getting back on the pitch in November, by which time he will have undergone two operations and a course of intensive physiotherapy.

Admittedly he’s finding the current situation incredibly frustrating – as he remembers how illness robbed him the opportunity to play football as a youngster.

Despite his injury, he's still living the high life!
Despite his injury, he’s still living the high life!

“I used to play at various clubs – and even if you were ill, you were always made to go and watch the game in fully-fledged tracksuit, you’d go along with the squad and I’m just the worst watcher of football.

“It’s a case of ‘Oh, I would’ve scored that, I would have made a different decision’.

“It’s just terrible, terrible – watching the football when you experience something that you love doing that you’re so passionate about, day in day out, it’s completely incomparable to any role in any jobs that I can think of, and for me it was literally horrendously heart-breaking.”

Keeping his sense of humour - meet the Human Christmas Tree
A joker on the pitch – and in the office

Jonty must have felt a tremendous sense of deja vu when his ACL injury (very common amongst footballers but more of that in the future) once again made him into a convalescent.

A keen festival-goer, he’s quick to add that he just knew it would impact on areas other than football: “The thought, when you first do it, was – holidays, you’re not going to be able to do the events we do for Signal.

“And you’re going to miss out on summer, and you’re trying to make plans for the summer, festivals and stuff. I can’t really jump around at festivals!

“And then you’re thinking of other people, you don’t want to hinder them, or if I’m on crutches, you’re not going to go on muddy fields and stuff”.

We’ll be seeing Jonty back in action on the pitch one day, that’s for sure.

And one thing the injury hasn’t blighted is his talent as a broadcaster.

Have a listen to his presenter showreel here:



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