My foot is broken, but I’m all right

“This foot, this body, is ever changing.” Read how yoga instructor Amanda Green copes with her foot injury – very inspiring!

Amanda Green YOGA


Last week, I stepped off of a curb, turned my ankle and broke a bone in my foot. Since then, I’ve been layed up, unable to put weight on my leg, walking on crutches or scooting around on a rolling chair that now is a sort of mascot in our house. It even has a theme song thanks to Dave, our resident songster…(imagine a 1950’s, Chubby Checker vibe) “Rooty Scooty, shake your caboose… “

Here's Rooty Scooty, my new best friend Here’s Rooty Scooty, my new best friend

Week one has been interesting. I cried a few times on day one, both because of the injury and the incredible kindness of people who showed care and concern and provided real help. A few days later, my morale was low and I spent a few hours moping and feeling sorry for myself. Other than that, I’ve been surprisingly okay. This kind of thing would have really bummed me…

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