Yoga With An Injury – The Practicalities

At the moment I’m only really able to do restorative/yin yoga, and – as my instructor Espi Smith has pointed out in a previous post, I can not do anything at all which puts too much pressure on the foot.

Don't strain that foot!
Don’t strain that foot!

What I want to do here, briefly (not least because it’s Sunday and outside the sun might even be shining even here in England LOL), is to show how determined people have compromised their practice despite injury.

Despite the benefits of a class, I’ve always enjoyed my YouTube Yoga sessions too – the laptop balanced precariously on the sofa, the living room becomes my Ashram.

And so, once again, I’m looking to YouTube for coping strategies!

Here’s Jordan, who broke her fifth metatarsal (and from the X-ray it looks quite close to her joint), showing her adapted Sun Salutation.

The YouTube description mentions that the injury – sustained four weeks prior to the video – is “notoriously difficult to heal” (tell me about it!).

Needless to say it makes feel just great to see someone practicing despite being in plaster.

Here’s US instructor Lara Falberg showing a seated sequence intended for those who already have a yoga practice and don’t intend to give up because of a fracture.

Judging by a guy calling to her in the background, she’s in her living room too!

She started the routine 10 days after undergoing surgery.

From a personal point of view, the question that begs the asking is: Are both sides of the body getting an equal workout?

After all, if say, it’s your left foot that’s hurt, there’ll be no weight put on that, as opposed to when you do the same on the opposite side. And if you’re in plaster, then there’ll be the extra weight involved in lifting it – again on one side.

In my own restorative sessions just after the injury, I noticed I was a lot stiffer on my left side (all that hobbling LOL).

Not that any of these factors should put anyone off practicing in a modified, sensible and professionally-guided session!

The most determined will always find a way, but yes, it’s all about compromise too.


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