Does this mean I have to DIET?

I’ve been putting off this post for a lonnnng time – but it’s time to grasp the nettle and do it!

I must apply myself - and it's not a happy situation (posed by model)
I must apply myself – and it’s not a happy situation (posed by model)

From that first shoot of pain after I hit the floor, from the moment I saw the clear break on the X-ray, I knew I faced losing a vital coping strategy – exercise.

Not least in my war against weight.

I like that satisfying feeling of sore muscles as I relax in the evening after a work-out.

I have bad memories of going-on-a-diet
I have bad memories of going-on-a-diet

I like knowing how rock-hard my muscles are – whether that’s looking at my sharply-defined calves in a mirror or even running my hands down my thighs.

I like that clarity of mind – and even the “high” that running gives me.

I like that sense of achievement and satisfaction gained from exercise.

Couch potato status is looming large (posed by model)
Couch potato status beckons (posed by model)

And – arguably, most of all – I love the fact that it means I don’t have to religiously watch what I eat.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not what would be described as overweight – my BMI is about 24 and I don’t even own a set of bathroom scales.

You’ve gathered I’m a driven person – I’m certainly not a coach potato.

Nice, comfy slippers for my new lifestyle?
Nice, comfy slippers for my new lifestyle?

Yet Failure is inviting me – it’s like a big, soft, cushy armchair, calling my big, soft, flabby body (so it seems) to settle down.

I’ll freely admit that my eating regime is not meticulously healthy – but then exercise has always been my “get out of jail” card.

Just think – I used to avoid a flabby midriff by doing the “plank” – but now I can’t because that puts weight on my foot too.

The plank used to take care of my abs - now I can't do it
The plank used to take care of my abs – now I can’t do it

Now it seems I must apply myself to disciplined eating – and it’s not a happy situation.

Of course I’m familiar with the regime of “eating sensibly” – and, believe it or not, when I was a member of Weight Watchers that regime was very welcome (and successful!) indeed, not least because it caters for those of us who live in the real world.

Navel gazing; Obsessing over my bikini bridge belongs in the past!
Navel gazing; Obsessing over my bikini bridge belongs in the past!

So, wanting to get an angle on reality, I approached the cook at my local pub –  she’s lost a couple of stone with Slimming World – and she put me in touch with her leader.

Paula, who runs the Slimming World group at Abbey Hulton, Stoke-on-Trent, told me; “I’ve got some members who can’t exercise – and they’re still losing weight every week.

“One lady broke her leg last year, she put on weight with comfort-eating, but she’s lost two stone so far.

I know! I know!
I know! I know!

“It can be frustrating sometimes if you can’t exercise, but if you get the food on plan you’ll lose weight for sure.”

She did, however, go on to say: “I think that once members have reached Target, the ones who maintain it tend to be active”.

I cannot fault all this – in fact I applaud it.

It is just I have what can best be described as a “hang-up” about dieting.

Doesn’t a picture like this just make you want to scream?!

Without going into gender politics, the psychological aspect bugs me.

Dieting is part of female life, so it seems.

I remember my mother preparing what she happily described as a “skinn-ee lay-dee” salad for herself.

From my teenage years I was acutely aware that the “naughtiness” of eating something that tastes good can give me the type of body I detest.

And now, of course, it’s time to grow up.

Nine weeks since the break and – instead of calories – I’m counting down the weeks ’til I can run again.

18 thoughts on “Does this mean I have to DIET?

  1. Such a good post! I am exactly the same; exercising (in my head) gives me a “Get out of a free buffet without putting on weight” card. And boy, do I eat a lot of really nasty stuff. I feel like I am constantly in the grips of a sugar addiction and just can’t get enough. And then of course there is the emotional eating… I wish it would be as easy to automatically WANT choose the healthy (or at least semi-healthy) options as it is to want to exercise. I hope time flies for you and that you’ll soon be running again. Not to be able to eat whatever you want again, but because I know how hard it is to be kept from doing something that you love.

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      • I broke the same one! On my right foot. Then chipped a bone. *ouchies*

        I am heading in soon for a new cast. *eye roll* I’m tired of casts. The cast goes almost to my knee. I have dry skin and my leg needs shaved. (It’s gross haha)

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  2. I do hope you get well soon ‘cos the ache can be really persistent, can’t it? I was never in plaster, just had a stupid-looking shoe and plenty of silly comments. Time does heal but it’s such a drag in the meantime isn’t it? x


  3. I’ve had a stress fracture in my right foot which has stopped me walking, which I love. Can’t bear running, but it’s been so stressful not walking anywhere near as I much as I wanted to. Happily it’s on the mend so I’m slowly upping the walking, and hopefully this will only positively enhance my Slimming World slimming too! Hope your foot gets better soon! They ache forever, don’t they.

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    • It does seem like forever doesn’t it? But I find I can walk okay now – and when I questioned the doctor at the fracture clinic about physiotherapy he said walking have the same effect!

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  4. Each time I’ve moved up from walking to running I’ve had a major health scare. The first time I tore the ligaments in my right foot. I had surgery. The surgeon had to remove my entire heel, repair it, remove the ligament and then pin the heel back together. The second time I began running, a few days later I was diagnosed with cancer.

    So, I’m pretty much done with running. I’ve moved on to other types of cardio now. Something safer for me! HAHA


  5. What a post. Hit so close to home for me. Over the years (If you’re read my blog) I shattered my foot while running while I was pregnant. Yes… nut I was. I loved the high. Still do. Nothing like it.
    But fast forward 16 years I have only been able to run maybe 2 out of those 16. My surgery Fusion, I had to sign a contract with my doctor saying that I will never run *on land ever again. AlterG and Aquatic running are my only options. I kept fit for a long time, it took lots of hours in the gym, pools, weighing and counting every calorie. But my pain got worse so did my morale.
    So let’s go to the weight. My closest has multiple personality disorder. I go from a US size 8 to a US size 22. No really. I lost hope. I ate as a comforting pass time. I ate to make myself feel better. Emotional eating, I am the queen! I went from one extreme to another. I didn’t care about myself any longer. I felt that I would never be able to do what I loved… so I was slowly killing myself. I stopped caring.

    That changed for me almost a year ago. Going off a bike, because I could no longer walk my dog without being in excruciating pain. I flashed back on my life, no really. Time for change.

    I knew that fracture happened the way it did due to weight not only my less than normal bone density issues. I have bird bones.

    I have been of my feet since August. 2014 with an exception of a 10 week section before my fusion.
    I worked like hell to get weight off and build the strength for the fusion. I took complete control over every morsel that entered my mouth. I lost 12 lbs., in that time. (I actually started watching my intake shortly after my fracture tibial plateau fracture; I only started tracking it at that point) I worked like a beast.

    But I think that a healthy lifestyle is just that. It is a lifestyle. You don’t just diet to lose some then stop when you lost the desired amount. You have to live healthy to maintain that weight. It is about health for me I could care the less about what society thinks about my weight, what I care about is my health, is it is in my hands.
    I have not just maintained my weight but lost, even though I am off my feet. (I am just now getting back up on my feet)
    Yes I calorie restrict 1490. High protein, low fat, no prepackaged foods and sticking to the outside isles of the supermarkets. But I never feel hungry. But I move. I can’t work out my lower body but guess what I did with my upper.
    Now it will be a life style. I do have a nutritionist helping me as I increase my activity.(As I increase my caloric intake will increase) I am willing to share all that I learn along the way!
    So yes that DIET word is a nasty word. Living healthy isn’t!

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  6. I love your posts 🙂 I’m not sure if this helps, but I’ve been doing one legged planks, also you can do modified planks with your knees on the floor. Ever since I broke my heel I made several strength goals including pushups and planks. Anything involving both feet I either modify with knees on the floor or one legged. With this injury I have done the most military pushups and the longest planks I have ever done in my life. Hope that helps!

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