Getting It Done

It really is this simple!
It really is this simple!

A work colleague who lived two doors up from where I was lodging once treated me to a cup of tea, an in-depth discussion of our company’s diversity policy and then a full guided tour of his house (from cellar to the converted attic bedroom).

He then asked: “Emma, do you think I should go to the gym?”

Oh boy can I relate to this!

I’ve heard people refer to the obligation of going to the gym as the modern equivalent of going to church on Sundays. (Please note: I mean no offence here).procrastination - retro

The thing is – after every work-out or run – am I now duty-bound to write a blog post?

And which is harder – drumming up the motivation to exercise, or drumming up the motivation to write?

At uni I had real trouble with my essays – just getting them done. I would put it off and put it off until a frantic all-night session before the deadline.

Well do I remember my student daze
Well do I remember my student daze

But getting my running gear on and taking off for a few circuits of the perimeter of my hall of residence was no trouble whatsoever.

Commenting on one of my posts on Facebook, fellow blogger and writer of fiction Misha Herwin said: “I think the drumming up of motivation is the same for whatever you’re doing.

“Partly inertia, partly fear that you won’t be able to achieve whatever it is you’ve set yourself. The trouble is you know you’ll feel much better when you’ve done it, if only you can get yourself going.

As good an excuse as any for showing a guy with a six-pack!
As good an excuse as any for showing a guy with a six-pack!

“And you don’t have the guilt which comes from not doing it.”

I plead guilty to procrastination.

Which leads me to my next confession.

There are no problems with exercise motivation – I have, indeed, just been for my first run since breaking my foot (more to follow!).

No, you need to know this, tomorrow is the deadline for my submission of a detailed, ideas-ridden, high creativity work project.

Back to work it is then LOL

I’m Back!

The time has come – and as far as the big kid in me was concerned –  it couldn’t come quick enough.

You work out for a minute at different stations
You work out at different stations

We are, however, talking more than the obligatory three months (doctor’s orders!) between fracture and weight-bearing exercise.

So Team Guerrilla was the venue for the relaunch of my life-as-someone-who-exercises-regularly.

It was the first time I’d seen myself in my workout gear in months – and my assessment was ruthless.

Keeping it real - it's early days
Keeping it real – it’s early days

As someone who still walks a lot, the legs weren’t too much of a write-off. I’ve not exactly put on weight but I’m flabbier – especially round the midrift and arms. My bust? Well let’s not go there.

The session basically consists of working-out for a minute at different stations – but even then there can be a sense of “why on earth am I doing this?”

Of course, I know why I’m doing it, (not least that fantastically happy feeling you get at the end) but with those vile soft flabby upper arms of mine it looks like I’m a long way from my goals.

Nerves? Yes! This shaky selife was taken BEFORE the class!
Nerves? Yes! This shaky selfie was taken BEFORE the class!

There was a sense, admittedly, of real anger too – regarding why I’ve almost “back to square one”.

As you know, I broke my foot trying to switch off the smoke alarm.

Clambering on to the sofa arm to reach the device (which was on the ceiling) resulted in a slip, and the fracture. Oh, and Em’s Way To Go!

In a way I have myself to blame. Taking the plunge – pscychologically – has admittedly been difficult.

So – months later – I picked up where I’d left off.

No hiding places at Guerrillas!
No hiding places at Guerrillas!

There were no surprises. I’d expected the sensation of my heart-trying-to-smash-its-way-out-through-my rib-cage and, sure enough, it welcomed me back.

More galling was just how unfit I’d become – at one point my arms couldn’t support me when previously they could whilst doing the same exericse – and I practically fell flat on my face.

But other exercises gave me that “welcome back” feeling – like declaring war on my burgeoning cleavage with the pectoral exercises, to name just one.

That sense of regaining control is fabulous. Whether it’s a coping strategy or not, a vital component of my lifestyle is back.

The foot? I could slightly feel that left fifth metatarsal as I walked back, but  that’s about it.

It was reminding me of its presence but hopefully now it knows who’s boss!

A Runner Reborn?

I’m officially allowed to exercise.

I'm heading for a new horizon
Heading for new horizons…

I apologise for my recent absence from blogging – work commitments prevented me, and – as a relatively new blogger – I’ve yet to develop the confidence to make it part of my daily routine, like brushing my teeth LOL.

So now I rise, Phoenix-like, from the “ashes” of the past three months which have passed since I broke my metatarsal.

Ouch! But the original fracture is a memory now
Ouch! But the original fracture is a memory

The swelling, throbbing, pain and limping are now memories.

Without access to a gravity-defying treadmill, and without a sufficient budget to get me into the gym or one-to-one sessions with my Guerrillas instructor Andy, I have become flabbier.

But then, this can all be eradicated! And, like most Geminis, I get very excited at the start of a new project.

Yep - it's incentives time!
Yup – it’s incentives time!

I can not begin to describe how relieved I am in the knowledge I can run again.

But do I approach it in a “couch-to-5k” way? After all, unlike blogging, I’m not a total beginner when it comes to running!

And now I’ll be looking to eat more healthily too, after all I have an incentive.

Hoping to return to my half-marathon form!
Hoping to return to my half-marathon form!

Meanwhile – I’m teetering on the brink – after all, something that’s been a part of my routine has been missing for the last few months or so.

I almost wish there was a metaphorical hand behind me to give that all-important push.

So wish me luck as I take the plunge!

Injury Update: 4 Months Later!

Like me, Jesse broke his 5th metatarsal. As recently as 6 six weeks ago he couldn’t even walk. Just look at him now! Here are a few quick bullets that capture this triathlete’s progress.

Single-tracked Mind

It’s hard to believe that I literally couldn’t walk as recently as 6 weeks ago. Between now and then, I’ve made massive leaps in my recovery, and more recently, 3 sets of 10 leaps at physical therapy. I’m almost there. Whether you’re a frequent reader or you have a broken 5th metatarsal and can’t wait to resume activity, I wanted to share a few quick bullets that capture my progress since I was cleared to walk:

We've come a long way, baby! We’ve come a long way, baby!

Mid February 2015: 5th metatarsal avulsion fracture – ankle roll (inversion) while trail running

Early May 2015: cleared to walk, cycle outside in cycling shoes, and swim without restrictions. Started physical therapy 2x week, 1.5 hours per session. Started high-intensity indoor cycling classes 2x a week, and 50+ mile outdoor rides on Saturdays.

May 22: cleared to jog, and started a 5-week progressive return to running program. Cleared to…

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The show must go on – Foo fighters frontman performs with broken leg

Breaking your leg during a live performance and carrying on ranks pretty highly in my book.

A screen shows Dave Grohl at the concert (Pic: AFP)
A screen shows Dave Grohl at the concert (Pic: AFP)

And that’s precisley what Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl did at a gig in Gothenburg, on Friday.

Swedish festival goers looked on in horror as the former Nirvana drummer fell off the stage half way through the second song “Monkey Wrench” – yet still returned 15 minutes later (reportedly) after being attended to backstage.

He told the audience: “Hey, ladies and gentlemen. I love you, but I think I just broke my leg.”

The X-ray was published on the band's Twitter page
The X-ray was published on the band’s Twitter page

The band played a set of covers sung by drummer Taylor Hawkins before Grohl resumed his performance sitting in a chair – one photo shows him belting out a tune with a paramedic attending to him.

Fans watched in horror as Grohl fell during a rendition of "Monkey Wrench" (Pic: Reuters)
Fans watched in horror as Grohl fell during a rendition of “Monkey Wrench” (Pic: Reuters)

He jokingly sang the David Bowie & Queen song, Under Pressure.

He told the crowd he would not leave the stage unless given orders by a doctor to do so.

The 46-year-old said: “I may not be able to walk or run, but I can still play guitar and scream”.

Grohl resumed his performance sitting in a chair
Grohl resumed his performance sitting in a chair

Later the band tweeted an X-ray image of the broken leg (believed to be the singer’s!) with the message, “Thank you, Gothenburg. That was amazing”.

It comes just weeks before the Foo Fighters are set to headline the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury.

The-show-must-go-on mentality isn’t restricted to Grohl – last week Enrique Iglesias stayed onstage after he tried to catch a drone and it sliced his fingers during a concert in Mexico.

Both men demonstrate that injury doesn’t compromise their allegiance to their fans.

Way to go, guys!

Race Recap: Vineman Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon

Read about the triathlon Jesse thought he’d never do – after a metatarsal fracture in February.

Single-tracked Mind

When I broke my foot in mid-February and received my initial prognosis, I immediately tried to forget about racing in the first half of the year. Resistance was futile – despite my best efforts, I thought a lot about the best and worst case scenarios, and everything in between. When I hit the 6 week mark without any signs of bone healing, I all but ruled out the potential of racing Vineman Monte Rio at the end of May.

Phew. Still standing on 2 feet after the race! Phew. Still standing on 2 feet after the race!

But then it got better: I started bone stimulator treatment and ramped up my activity levels. My healing accelerated, and I was cleared to resume intense cycling along with light running in early May. After consulting with my orthopedist and physical therapist, they gave me the green light to attempt a 10k run, and I decided to race Vineman Monte Rio.

All racked and ready to go! All racked…

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