Race Recap: Vineman Monte Rio Olympic Triathlon

Read about the triathlon Jesse thought he’d never do – after a metatarsal fracture in February.

Single-tracked Mind

When I broke my foot in mid-February and received my initial prognosis, I immediately tried to forget about racing in the first half of the year. Resistance was futile – despite my best efforts, I thought a lot about the best and worst case scenarios, and everything in between. When I hit the 6 week mark without any signs of bone healing, I all but ruled out the potential of racing Vineman Monte Rio at the end of May.

Phew. Still standing on 2 feet after the race! Phew. Still standing on 2 feet after the race!

But then it got better: I started bone stimulator treatment and ramped up my activity levels. My healing accelerated, and I was cleared to resume intense cycling along with light running in early May. After consulting with my orthopedist and physical therapist, they gave me the green light to attempt a 10k run, and I decided to race Vineman Monte Rio.

All racked and ready to go! All racked…

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