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Just a quick post to mark my return to the Blogosphere!

The way of the Futurama - I'm on it
The way of the Futurama – I’m on it

If I’m honest, I’ve been working pretty much every day for the last month – doing stuff I love, admittedly – but it does rather tend to take over.

I’m certainly looking forward to getting back into my workout gear again.

My question is – how on earth do people manage to do it all?

I still regard myself as a relatively rooky blogger so any advice will be welcome!

The challenge of the written word?

A lot of the time travelling with work means I live out of a rucksack.

That, in turn, leads to packing issues with the laptop – so in practice that means no laptop no blog.

The mending metatarsal sometimes reminds me of its presence as I walk down the street – as if to let me know that, this time, it’s not to blame for my lack of an exercise regime.

I'm getting there...
I’m getting there…

From an intellectual point of view my brain’s still relatively scrambled – therefore I plead guilty your honour to my current lack of sizzling creativity.

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to some glorious updates both regarding my own fitness progress and everyone else’s – so watch this space!


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