Cometh the Hour…

I couldn’t sleep – and ended up combing social media for inspiration (as you do) – and I found it.

You know how it is when you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s just impossible to tell any concerns you have to wait until the morning?

If you have time it’s worth taking the odd six minutes to see the vid through – I could transcribe the lot but here’s a quote that hits home with me:


I found the video shared on FaceBook by Larry Evans.

Larry doesn't want to be judged
Larry doesn’t want to be judged

He’s an American guy fighting his own battle against weight – he’s getting down from 800lbs (just over 57 stone) via an exercise regime and surgery.

I want to interview him for this blog at some point.

Larry’s journey isn’t a short one.

All he asks, as short videos chart his progress both in the gym and in hospital, is that nobody judge him.

Here he is an action during an earlier stage of his campaign – I believe this was filmed in late September last year:

Isn’t he one awesome guy?


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