Choice – or is it?


Yes I do remember when all the above applied.

And you know what?

None of this was directly down to an unhealthy choice, it was down to a supposedly healthy necessity – I’d broken a bone in my foot and doctors advised me not to do any exercise that involved putting weight on it (in other words my normal exercise routine!)

Admittedly I could have been more creative in how I adapted my workouts but in practice this didn’t happen.

One of the many results was a limited choice for work outfits for summer.  A big bust, flabby upper arms and a slight belly are better off hidden under baggy black tops. The Guerrilla training I was forbidden to do would’ve sorted the issue.

Now, of course, that’s in the past. And I’m very, very grateful I can run today – I’m in my running gear as I type this and the sun is shining outside! Am I procrastinating?

Good Luck to everyone who likes working out but who’s still recovering from injury. It won’t happen overnight but it will happen! Hang on in there.


3 thoughts on “Choice – or is it?

  1. Yay to being back to running. Getting an injury is so scary, at least for me when I got injured, I started doubting if I couldn’t do any working out. I started doing a lot of yoga, but then I just kind of got lazy and stopped working out all together and the lbs. started to pack on. Luckily today I am back, running, weights, and yoga trying to stay balanced and injury free.

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  2. I have to admit I loathe running. I do yoga every day and I do walk and cycle but running? Ugh! Still if you enjoy it – good luck!


    • Thanks Sarada! I’m a great believer in not doing something exercise-wise if you really hate it. In my case that’s dance – so I try to avoid any classes which involve that.


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