Dangerous Dancing

An injured ballerina begins her return to dance as she regains her confidence.

Is confronting her fears
Is confronting her fears “too dangerous”?

The Anthony Byrne-directed music video for Rumer’s single “Dangerous” focuses on a studio manager who fancies one of the male stars of her ballet company.

A serious injury has halted her career as a ballerina, as well as her attempts to dance again – until now.

Now I don’t do Romance – but the song is actually just a vehicle for how Rumer herself confronted her own concerns over returning to the music industry, as she has said in various press interviews.

The song’s fantastic – with a Philadelphia and Soul influence (I adore 70s Soul!).

And the video, performed by members of the English National Ballet, tells a great upbeat story.

The song explores Rumer's own concerns about returning to the industry
“Dangerous” explores Rumer’s own concerns about returning to the industry

In the future I want to bring you dancers who recovered from injury in real life.

Meanwhile, read more about “Dangerous” and Rumer’s third album “Into Colour” here

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